UK Green energy levies set to move from electricity to gas bills

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In an effort to encourage the British Public to switch to electric heating, the government are set to propose switching green levies from electricity to gas.

The government hopes that by switching levies from electricity to gas that British homeowners using outdated gas systems will make the switch to renewable energy. Currently, the price of electricity is split between 5 different costs, all of which homeowners pay for with their energy bill.

As the government pushes for their 2050 net zero carbon goal, it is imperative that they reassess the share of green levies for gas and electricity.  With their current levy switch proposal on the energy horizon, Britons that use electric heating alternatives and drive electric vehicles will find themselves paying much less than ever before. Homeowners that continue their consumption of gas will find themselves paying more, dependant on the proposed implementation of the government’s plan.

Currently, almost a quarter of the cost of electricity is made up by environmental and social obligations in which the government funds various decarbonisation programs. On the contrary, just 2% of the total cost of gas is made up of the same levy. This disproportionate distribution of levies has accounted for a higher overall price of electricity, something that remains the main deterrent for many homeowners looking to switch to zero carbon energy alternatives.

Dubbed the ‘energy affordability and fairness review’, the government are hoping that their new energy mandate will affectively allocate costs in order to incentivize the British public to make the switch to clean energy. It is vital that British homeowners begin switching to zero carbon energy alternatives if the government have any hope of reaching their goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

With almost a fifth of the UK’s total carbon emissions coming from domestic heating alone, the government must do everything in their power to encourage the British public to uptake renewable energy alternatives. As it stands, the main deterrent for many homeowners looking to make the switch to clean energy is the higher cost of electricity. By introducing this mandate, the government will be making a huge step in the direction of a carbon neutral future for Britain, and a cleaner future for everyone.


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