DKMS - "We Delete Blood Cancer"

Here at Fischer, we are proud to support the fantastic charity DKMS.

DKMS works throughout the world raising awareness in the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders. DKMS recruits blood stem cell donors who can help people diagnosed with blood cancer alongside supporting patients and their families throughout treatment.

Sadly only 2% of the UK population has joined the stem cell register which means it is difficult to find matching donors. DKMS raise funds to increase this statistic and here at Fischer we are actively asking our staff and customers to join the stem cell register. By joining the register, you could give somebody a chance for a second life.

Thanks to the incredible work of DKMS over 11 million people worldwide have registered to become potential blood stem cell donors.

Keep an eye out for our own fundraising activities for DKMS. September marks the start of blood cancer awareness month and if you are aged between 17-55 yrs of age in good general health then you could go on standby to save a life! Superheroes swab with DKMS!


  • With over 11 million registered donors, DKMS is the largest network of stem cell donor databases in the world.
  • DKMS currently have employees in seven locations – Germany, USA, Poland, UK, India, Chile and South Africa.
  • DKMS receive 21 donations per day.
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