Terms & Conditions

*10 Year Warranty (Radiators)
Excluding electronic components which come with a 2-year warranty.

**Fischer Warm Home Guarantee

Applies to non-water products only. Excludes service and labour. All rooms in the property must be heated & use of our heaters is according to instructions provided. If only some rooms are heated, doors/windows must be kept closed. This guarantee does not apply to conservatories, rooms with chimneys/vents/pet flaps or similar.

*** Customer Survey

Results from a Customer Satisfaction Survey undertaken by Fischer in 2021. Out of 560 responses.

****10 Year Warranty (Aquafficient)

Aquafficient warranty terms: Storage core leaks = 10-year warranty. Element failure = 5 year warranty (products with replaceable elements only). Overheat thermostat failure = 2 year warranty. Hydraulic assembly failure = 2 year warranty (if not resulting from scaling/foreign objects). Control board failure = 2 year warranty. Failure of thermostatic mixing valves & expansion vessels = 2 year warranty.

*****The Fischer Warm Home Winter Giveaway

Only entrants who have completed the required form will be entered into the prize draw. Only one winner per month. Any heater provided under this offer is done so on a gifted basis only and does not constitute any contract between us and the prize winner. Heaters given away under this offer are provided without warranties, guarantees, labour, service or support. We shall have no liability to the prize winner with respect to the heater and its performance as it is not being purchased and not subject to contract nor sized according to property requirements via our advisory survey. Any heater provided under this offer will be of a type/size at our discretion. One entry per household only. Prize winners must claim their prize within 7 days from the draw or forfeit the prize. This is a limited time offer and we may discontinue this campaign at any time without notice. Winners are not permitted to resell the gifted heater.

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