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Fischer Warm Home Guarantee
Valid for 28 days only commencing with the first day following installation which falls within heating season of Oct – Apr. All rooms in property must be heated; cannot be more than 2 air exchanges per hour within a room & heaters must be used according to instruction. Does not apply to rooms with open chimney/vents or conservatory’s.

10 Year Warranty (Radiators)
Heaters come with a 10 year manufacturer warranty (excluding Premier Range which has a 5 year supply warranty) and 2 year warranty on electronic controls (thermostat and receivers). These are product warranties only & do not cover labour which is chargeable separately.

10 Year warranty (Aquafficient)
Aquafficient warranty are as follows: Storage core leaks = 10 year warranty. Scaling of storage core not covered under warranty & remains customer responsibility. Element failure = 5 year warranty (products with replaceable elements only). Overheat thermostat failure = 2 year warranty. Hydraulic assembly failure = 2 year warranty (if not resulting from scaling/foreign objects). Control board failure

Free Gift – Air Con Offer
*From time to time, we run “free gift” offers when you place a Qualifying Order for Qualifying Items.

The qualifying items are Fischer Dynamic Heaters, Fischer Electric Boiler (all models) and Aquafficient (all models). A Qualifying Order is an order that is £3000 or more. In order to receive your free gift, you must have had your Qualifying Order comprising the Qualifying Items installed and fully paid for. The free gift cannot be substituted for any other item, cash or credit. The free gift will be dispatched to you after successful installation. Placing multiple orders for multiple items does not entitle you to more than one free gift. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion that we run, unless otherwise agreed. Only one free gift per order, per person, per address for the duration of the promotion. If a customer wishes to return an order or item which qualified for the free gift, the transaction can only be refunded if the free gift is also returned. This is a limited offer and lasts for as long as stocks do. In the event stocks run out and you place a Qualifying Order, you accept that there will be no redress or grounds for cancellation without charge if costs have been incurred by us. In the event of dispute, the decision of Fischer Future Heat will be final.

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