The Fischer Aquafficient. Instant hot water with phase change material.

Aquafficient - Instant Hot Water

Hot Water on Demand, With No Water Storage

Aquafficient is an innovative, modern and highly efficient solution to heating water. This instant electric water heater from Fischer uses a single heating element and patented thermal storage technology, to provide instant hot water without the need for tanks. Instead, the hot water is produced from stored heat energy within a unique phase change material.
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Heat Battery for Instant Electric Hot Water Heating

Aquafficient stores heat in a unique phase change material, known as a heat battery. Once the battery has been fully charged, it will pass the heat energy that has been stored inside to the cold water coming into the unit.

The cold water comes into a highly efficient heat exchanger that has been embedded within the battery, and this transfer of heat only happens when hot water is called for. This instant electric water heater provides hot water until the battery is depleted. The battery will recharge itself to ensure you have access to hot water 24/7.

  • Life span of 40,000 cycles, equivalent to 50 years of usage
  • No annual servicing or maintenance required
  • Made in the UK
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No Mess, No Stress

The Aquafficient instant electric hot water heater has a “lifespan” of approximately 40,000 heating cycles which is equivalent to 50 years of use and is also supplied with a 10-year warranty.****

Fischer will take care of delivery and installation of your new Aquafficient model. With no requirement for additional valves or even a water discharge pipe, the installation of the Aquafficient is mess and stress-free.

The Aquafficient can store four times more heat than a domestic water cylinder and provides up to 280 litres of hot water, depending on the size of the unit installed. Even better, the Aquafficient is half the height of an average water cylinder making it a discreet electric heater for hot water to your home.

Compatible with Economy 7, Solar PV and other renewable electricity sources, the Aquafficient is the way forward when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Half the height of the equivalent cylinder, on average
  • Compatible with solar PV
  • Mess and stress free installation

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