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Fischer EB is an Electric Boiler that has been built with the future in mind. With no requirement for gas, our electric boilers are 100% energy-efficient at the point of use - A modern and sustainable solution to replace your outdated heating. In order to work towards a renewable future, every part in the Fischer boilers can be replaced individually.
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Through innovation and a desire to ensure a cleaner future, we are now offering the ideal replacement for your existing gas or oil boiler. The Fischer EB is available as a highly efficient electric combi boiler and a wall mounted heat only electric boiler. Both are easy to install and maintain making them perfect for all electric boiler and central heating needs.

The Fischer electric duo or combi boiler uses traditional manufacturing and design whilst embracing the latest technology for improved efficiency. Electronic panels on many electric boilers in UK homes cannot withstand the heat and humidity generated by a boiler, so we replaced them with much simpler, easy-to-operate controls. These controls, coupled with a wireless thermostat, make it easier to control energy consumption and ensure your electric boiler performs all year round.

  • Supplied with a wireless thermostat
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty
  • No flue required
  • 100% efficient at point of use
  • Made in Spain

The Future Is Electric Central Heating

It’s no secret that oil, gas and coal heating have a huge impact on your carbon footprint – producing high levels of pollution while also costing a small fortune to maintain. The good news is that you can make a real difference with our brand-new range of 100% efficient electric boilers perfect for UK homes. You can keep your existing radiators and simply replace your boiler with a clean and green  and carbon free* electric boiler. Our in-house team of trained electric boiler system professionals will install your new electric boiler to the highest of standards with minimal disruption.

If you are ready to make the change to an electric combi or heat only, it is worth considering improving the insulation of your property. Any steps you take in that direction will only improve the running costs of the boiler.

  • *No fossil fuels, when powered by renewable electricity
  • Fast recovery times
  • No requirement for water tanks or cylinders (with our duo boiler)
  • Compatible with HIVE and NEST Smart Thermostats
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Avoiding Waste

Along with our ambition for the UK to switch to electric heating powered by renewables, reducing how much waste is sent to landfill is yet another great way to reduce carbon emissions.  

Although our products do not fall under the UK’s new “Right to Repair” laws, we have taken it upon ourselves to make all of our products repairable, rather than generating more waste through replacing the whole system.  In order to work towards a cleaner future, every part in the Fischer boilers can be replaced individually.

This will significantly reduce how much waste is generated, in spite of an otherwise disposable culture.

Everything you need to know about electric boilers.

What is an electric boiler?

An electric boiler works in a similar way to a gas and oil boiler but uses electricity as its power source instead of combustible fossil fuels, which are damaging to the environment. Electric boilers come as a range of products including electric combi boilers, electric system boilers and electric flow boilers.

Over 2 million UK homes have no access to the gas network so using electricity to heat homes and hot water is a concept many will be familiar with. However, in recent years electric boilers and electric radiators are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who use gas, mainly due to their 100% efficiency ratings and environmental benefits.

How does an electric boiler work?

If you are used to a gas central heating boiler, switching to an electric boiler is a quick and easy process. An electric boiler receives cold water from your mains water supply and when you need hot water for central heating or your taps, the cold water then passes through an electric heating element to warm it. This warm water is then pumped to your radiators and/or taps whenever you need it.

The exact method of heating depends on the type of electric boiler you use.

What are the advantages of an Electric Boiler?

Low Maintenance Costs

If you have a gas boiler you will be more than aware that an (increasingly costly) annual service is required to maintain your guarantee, and to keep it functioning. Gas and oil boilers have a number of moving parts which means more things can go wrong.

Electric boilers have no moving parts and require only minimal maintenance. A unique aspect of the Fischer Electric Boilers is the fact that all parts of the boiler can be individually replaced. This means that the life span of the Fischer Electric Boiler far outweighs the 8-10 year average of a gas boiler.

Better for the environment

Electric boilers emit zero carbon emissions and when they are operating have a far lower carbon footprint compared to combustion/fossil fuel boilers.


As there is no combustible fuel within an Electric Boiler, there is no risk of gas leaks and no risk of explosion.

Easy Installation

Electric Boilers are often much easier to install than gas and oil boilers.With no requirement for a flue an Electric Boiler can be placed almost anywhere within the property.

Low Installation Costs

As Electric Boilers are fairly simple and easy to install, the overall cost of the installation is much lower than a gas boiler.


Electric boilers operate smoothly and often without any noise. We’ve all heard the gas boiler grunting and wheezing to life which can be a touch disconcerting. You won’t have this with a Fischer electric boiler.


If your home is not connected to the gas grid and you do not have the room for an oil tank, an electric boiler is the ideal heating solution.

Compatible with solar panels 

Generating your own energy via solar panels can help reduce your electricity costs and your carbon footprint. Fischer electric boilers are fully compatible with solar panels.


The disadvantages of electric boilers

Here at Fischer we are passionate about all things electric heating and believe that in the not too-distant future all homes in the UK will have their homes heated by electricity. But, in the interests of transparency it is important to acknowledge some of the perceived disadvantages of electric boilers.

Gas is cheaper than electricity

It is no secret that historically gas prices are cheaper than electricity. In recent months due to the war in Ukraine this disparity is shortening. Electricity has always been subject to heavy environmental taxes which pushes the price up, but the Government has recently suspended these environmental levies on residential homes reducing the difference in price even more.

Whilst electricity is more expensive than gas, electric boilers are considerably more efficient and waste less fuel than gas boilers. For every 1kW of electricity you pay for, you will receive 1kW of heat. Gas boilers can range from as little as 60% efficiency for older models up to 93% at the higher end.

An electric boiler works best in a well-insulated home

The UK’s housing stock suffers from a lack of well-insulated homes and improving the energy efficiency of your home can reduce carbon emissions by up to 40% and cut how much electricity you need to keep you warm.

If you are considering the switch to electric heating loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, double glazing and floor insulation can all have a significant benefit and is a worthy investment.

What are the types of electric boilers?

Heat Only Electric Boiler

The Fischer Heat Only Electric Boiler is the ideal replacement for an existing system boiler. It works seamlessly alongside the AquafficientAquafficient Eco+ or your hot water cylinder.

Floor Standing and Wall Mounted Electric Combi Boiler

The Fischer Electric Boiler has been designed to offer quality, durability and efficiency. Fischer’s unique heating element is manufactured to ensure the electric boiler provides high levels of resistance to a wide range of elements.

Fischer electric boilers produce zero emissions which means there is no requirement for a flue.

The Fischer floor-standing electric combi boiler features two thermally insulated independent tanks. Manufactured in stainless steel with 20mm of insulation, one tank provides hot water with a capacity of 100L and is designed to heat water up to 70°C.

The second tank is for heating and is also made from stainless steel. This tank is part of a closed circuit for heating with insulation of 10mm and is designed to heat up to 90°C.

The Fischer electric boiler also features its own in-built expansion vessel.

Installation of an electric boiler in your home

Almost every home in the UK is supplied with either a 60, 80 or 100 amp fuse. This main fuse dictates how many amps of electrical appliances you can install in your home.

When making the switch to electric heating, you may need to increase the size of the main fuse in your home. This is something that Fischer can help you with.

We can arrange for the main fuse to be upgraded on your behalf, and we will ensure everything is in place in time for your installation.

In situations where the main fuse cannot be upgraded, we can supply you with our very own priority consumer unit.

Our priority consumer unit helps to balance the electrical load, prioritising the most important appliances in your home.

For example, most of us don’t require heating in our bedrooms throughout the day, so our priority consumer unit will switch those heaters off during this time, allowing you to use the appliances that you do need.

When the evening comes around and you switch on your electric hob, our priority consumer unit will turn off those appliances that are not required to allow your electric hob to work, without having to worry about electrical overload or tripping.

Go Green, Go Clean with an Electric boiler

Along with our ambition for the UK to switch to electric heating powered by renewables, reducing how much waste is sent to landfill is another great way to reduce carbon emissions.

At Fischer, we have taken it upon ourselves to make all of our products repairable, rather than generating more waste through replacing an entire system. In order to work towards a cleaner future, every part in our electric boilers can be replaced individually.

This will significantly reduce how much waste is generated, in spite of an otherwise disposable culture.


Make the change to a zero emissions electric boiler today.


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