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Our Missions & Values

The Future is Electric

Here at Fischer, we are pioneering the drive away from heating our homes with fossil fuels. If we are serious about reaching carbon net zero targets, we must make changes. Switching to electric heating is a quick, reliable and efficient solution to reducing carbon emissions. Invest in a cleaner home today. Choose Electric - Choose Fischer.

Belief In Our Product

From manufacture to install, you are in the safest hands. The Fischer Warm Home Guarantee provides complete peace-of mind for our customers. If your heater does not reach 21 degrees, we will upgrade it for you for free.

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Integrity Of Our Sales Standards & Service

All our representatives maintain the highest of standards by adhering to our standard company presentation and protocol for service.

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We Value All Our Customers & Team

We get strength from our customers and dedicated team. We listen to them to provide you with the best possible experience.

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