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German Engineered, Controllable Electric Heaters

Fischer's unique 40mm HeatCore electric radiators are the perfect heating solution for any home. Our electric radiators can be individually controlled allowing you to set specific temperatures throughout the different rooms in your home. This room-by-room functionality gives you more control over your heating and can help reduce energy use.
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With Room By Room Heating Control

Fischer heaters are manufactured to allow a constant warm air flow around your rooms, and their efficiency has been independently tested by five independent bodies.  Many old, conventional night storage heaters are large, bulky and unattractive and can waste energy by heating rooms when heat is not required.

All Fischer heaters are supplied with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for complete comfort and peace-of-mind.*




  • Made in Germany
  • Exclusive wireless thermostat
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Unique 40mm HeatCore
  • Full installation service
  • Independently tested by BSRIA, BRE & EST, WSP LAB & KTB

Direct Acting 40mm HeatCore Radiators

Fischer’s 40mm HeatCore radiators are manufactured with a convection chamber that draws cold air from the floor which then distributes heat evenly throughout your room. The surface fluting coupled with the 40mm HeatCore radiates heat to maintain a comfortable room temperature even when the heater is not drawing energy.

This short-term retention of heat increases efficiency through a deliberate switch on/off function which provides increased comfort for the user which is then controlled via a wireless room thermostat.

Wireless Room-By-Room Control

You can also take control of your heating with our exclusive wireless thermostat which gives you the option to set specific temperatures throughout the day. You can even programme your heating schedule at 30 minute intervals, giving you greater control over your energy consumption.

The Fischer thermostat features an internal sensor that measures the room temperature away from the heater providing greater accuracy, and warmth but only when it’s needed.

Take full advantage of room-by-room control, and never feel the cold again with the Fischer Warm Home Guarantee.**


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Fischer at Home

No matter your style, our heaters complement any room setting. Choose from our range of 100% efficient electric radiators and begin your journey to an all-electric future.

The Only Radiator With a 40mm HeatCore

Fischer radiators remain ahead of the competition with an exclusive design. Whilst other companies offer only a 20mm core, we offer an exclusive, single 40mm HeatCore for improved heat retention resulting in increased comfort and efficiency.


  • Unique 40mm HeatCore
  • Available in selected RAL colours
  • Enhanced heat distribution
  • Wi-Fi options available
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How do electric radiators work?

Electric radiators differ from central heating radiators, in that central heating radiators rely on a boiler and hot water to provide heating to your home. Instead, electric radiators are independent, often filled with clay or another heat retention substance. Gas boilers are usually somewhere in the high ninety percent in terms of efficiency, whereas all electric heaters are 100% efficient.

Electric radiators are usually individually controlled and supplied with a thermostat per radiator. This allows you to control the temperature of each room separately, rather than relying on a central control. Central controls, which you would find with a gas or oil boiler, allow you to set one heating program for the whole home. However, by setting a temperature on a central control, only the room in which the central control is located will reach your desired temperature.

With individual room control, each room can be set at a different temperature. Most of us don’t like our bedroom to be at the same temperature as our lounge, for example.

There are many different forms of electric heating, such as:

  • Convector heaters – using an element, but no storage material, to provide an instant heat to your home. Sometimes fan assisted, they use the air in the room around them to deliver warmth.

  • Storage heaters – full of storage bricks, and connected to an economy tariff (Eco7/Eco10). Very simple controls, usually with no programming or temperature settings.

  • Infrared heaters – do not heat the room; instead heat people, objects and surfaces. Often with no controls as standard.

  • German clay core radiators – contain a clay core for heat storage. Usually thermostatically controlled, with a custom heating program and temperature settings available.

Integrated Controls vs Wireless Controls

When choosing an electric radiator, it is important to consider the type of control it comes with. Many electric radiators offer an integrated control, built into the heater itself. But this means a temperature reading is taken right next to the heater; usually the warmest part of the room.

By opting for a wireless thermostat, you can take a temperature reading from anywhere within the room, such as the coldest part, or next to where you are sitting. This ensures that the room is evenly warm, rather than having cold spots or an uneven distribution of heat.

It also means you can control your heater without the need to walk to heater, making it much more convenient for you.

With integrated controls, there is also a higher risk of thermostat failure. The PCB (control board) is located within the heater, which means it is regularly exposed to high levels of heat. Any electrical component that is situated in a warm environment is prone to failure, unless it is specially designed to cope with such temperatures. From our experience, some are not.

Making the Switch

Switching to electric heating from other alternatives such as gas or oil is a relatively simple process.

The first step is to remove your existing system. If you currently have a gas boiler installed, you will need a Gas Safe engineer to remove it. At Fischer, we have a team of fully qualified engineers, who will do the job for you.

The second step is to choose your new form of heating. There are plenty of options to choose from, so it’s important that you make an informed decision. First, consider what it is you need from your heating system.

Is it an increased level of control? Improved heat distribution? A more aesthetically pleasing radiator? Fischer can help.

Fischer 40mm HeatCore radiators are sleek and stylish, only 11cm in depth and available in a range of selected RAL colours. Manufactured to include a purpose built convection chamber in the back to aid in the distribution of heat and reduction of wasted heat.

Fischer 40mm HeatCore radiators are not only slimline – they also come with many other benefits.

They are also designed to be efficient and controllable for complete comfort and peace of mind, and have been independently tested  by BSRIA, BRE and EST.

Our electric radiators also contain a patented 40mm HeatCore which is double the thickness of the core found within many other electric radiators. The core is designed to maximise the retention of heat – keeping you warmer for longer.

Wi-Fi control options are also available, allowing you to control your heating from anywhere in the world. Utilising a smart thermostat and receiver, along with a smartphone app, you can set custom programs, temperatures and other heating scenarios at the touch of a button.

Running Costs

Running costs do not refer to just the fuel cost. You must also factor in the cost of the installation, the maintenance and the environmental cost associated with fossil fuel energy.

When you look at the price of gas compared to the price of electricity, there is a significant difference; however, greenhouse gases are emitted when we burn fossil fuels, such as natural gas. By powering your heating system with a renewable energy source, such as renewable electricity, you can reduce your carbon footprint instantly.

Most electric radiators benefit from require no annual servicing or maintenance.

At Fischer, we also handle the installation for you, with no hidden costs.

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