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Uniquely Designed For Exceptional Performance

From the design of the flutes to the construction of the radiator, every aspect is individually assembled to provide you with a finished product that offers superior quality and comfort compared to other forms of heating on the market. Our confidence in our product is proven with our industry-leading warranties. Our 10-year warranty is supplied direct from the manufacturer, unlike many competitors that only offer a supply guarantee.

Direct Acting Storage Radiators

From the design of the flutes to the construction of the radiator. Every aspect is individually crafted by hand to provide you with a finished product that ensures superior quality and comfort compared to other forms of electric heating on the market. Our confidence is proven with our 10-year industry leading warranty which is a manufacturers warranty, unlike many competitors who can only offer a supply guarantee.

40mm Unique Clay Core Storage
For improved heat storage, a unique feature of the Fischer electric heating system is the 40mm chamotte fire clay core that is installed in the front panel of our radiators. It enables the prolonged storage of heat to be radiated into the room because of the built-in convection chamber. This means heat is not wasted on the back wall, enabling each kW of heat to be delivered into the room efficiently. The special fire clay core is manufactured to retain heat for longer. Chamotte is a fireproof clay core, mixed with up to 45% aluminium oxide which heats the clay core quickly and efficiently. The clay core can be fire up to temperatures of up to 1500°C, making it a highly resistant chamotte clay core.
The specially designed fluting ensures that the radiated heat in the room is tripled. It draws cold air up from the floor, through the hollow flutes and replaces it with warm air, warming the air in the room from the floor to the ceiling.
Efficiency of Design
The secret of efficient heating is to distribute each kW of heat into the room quickly and without loss. The better the distribution, the more efficient the radiator will be. Fischer's clay core is perforated to enhance convection and front-loaded to ensure all the heat transfers in the room. Any heat that escapes towards the back wall is used to warm the air up. Unlike most other electric heaters, Fischer radiators are designed with a convection chamber and are the only radiator on the market that can produce up to 30°C difference between the front and back panel.
Fischer Direct Acting Storage Heating
The Fischer electric radiator is built with high-quality powder-coated steel with fluting which provides a larger surface area for heat to radiate. The flutes draw in cold air from the floor, producing a chimney effect that distributes heat evenly throughout the room. No more cold spots! Thanks to its unique design, each slimline unit measures just 11cm deep, making the radiators compact enough to fit any sized room.

As per an independent report about the Fischer chamotte clay core:

“A chamotte brick is essentially composed of the oxide components silicon dioxide and aluminium oxide. Chamotte bricks are classified according to their aluminium oxide content. With an outstanding thermal conductivity of 1.4 W/m*K, heat is conducted highly effectively through the brick; it is this characteristic, in combination with their specific heat capacity of 1.00 kJ/kg*K that makes chamotte bricks an excellent raw material for heat storage units. Depending on the initial materials used and the manufacturing processes employed, a range of different bulk densities can be achieved with chamotte bricks. ‘Kärlicher Blauton’, extracted from the Kärlich clay pit (Carl Heinrich pit; Middle Rhine clay region), is a material with unique properties. Its composition and characteristics enable the production of chamotte bricks with exceptionally high heat storage capacities. In addition, to mould the heat storage bricks, the material is compressed by a worm extruder, which subjects it to forming pressures of up to 18 bar. It is these factors that make the KTS KG a unique heat storage brick with outstanding characteristics. The bricks are produced for Fischer GmbH Heiz- und Umwelttechnik, who install them for heat storage use in electric storage heaters.”

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