How much does it cost to switch from gas to electric heating?

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Changing your heating system is no small decision. There are also many things to consider when it comes to choosing the right heating system for your home.

With the UK government legislating that the UK must achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, many people are deciding to switch from gas or oil central heating to other forms, such as electric heating.

But the question that is on everyone’s lips is “how much does it cost to switch from gas to electric heating?”

Removing your existing heating system

If you have a gas boiler in your home, there is a cost associated with removing it. The first thing to note is that whoever removes your existing gas boiler must be on the Gas Safe Register. If they are not, they are not legally permitted to remove it.

If you’re making the switch from a gas boiler to individual electric heaters, you will also need to ensure that whoever removes the boiler is also able to remove your radiators and associated pipework. If not, you’ll be left with a load of useless radiators!

At Fischer, we have our own team of Gas Safe Engineers who can take care of removing your gas boiler andvradiators for you.

Choosing your new system

There are quite a few options on the market. From storage heaters to German clay core radiators, and even electric boilers and heat pumps. But which is the right option for your home?

Storage heaters are notoriously bulky and inefficient. Many users find that they don’t evenly heat their rooms, along with the fact they lose a lot of their heat from the back of the heater, straight into the walls of your home. They are also well known for running out of heat in the mid-to-late afternoon, forcing users to find a secondary form of heat to keep them warm through the evening.

Air source heat pumps are now an extremely popular form of heating, but they also come with their downfalls. A regular gas or electric boiler will provide hot water to your radiators at around 80-90 degrees centigrade. This ensures your home is comfortable and warm all year round. Air source heat pumps provide hot water to your radiators at around 35-40 degrees centigrade. For this reason, you need to install special radiators to work alongside the heat pump if you want to be nice and warm.

Electric boilers are a fantastic option, as they provide all of the benefits of a gas boiler, minus the harmful emissions and yearly service. Most electric boilers don’t require any scheduled yearly maintenance, and can be powered with 100% renewable energy. They can also utilise energy generated by solar panels or stored in a home battery.

Our electric boiler is manufactured in Spain to a commercial standard, meaning it is highly robust and long lasting, while still providing effective heating to your home. It also comes with a wireless thermostat as standard for complete control.

German clay core radiators are arguably one of the best options. Offering room-by-room control and more efficient heat distribution, they also require zero servicing and maintenance.

Fischer dynamic clay core heaters are a perfect example. Our heaters use a patented 40mm chamotte clay core. With a wireless thermostat per room, allowing you to set a custom heating program, you can be in full control of your own comfort.

The installation is extremely simple, requiring only a 13-amp plug socket in most cases. Our team of qualified electricians and plumbers can take care of the whole installation for you, for both an electric boiler and radiators, so you can sit back and relax while we do all the work.

How much do electric heaters cost to run?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there are so many variables associated with running costs. What we can say is that currently, electricity is more expensive to buy per unit than gas. However, the UK government may be looking to freeze the levy (tax) on electricity prices, and gradually increase it on gas prices.

Cost savings

There are however some savings to be made by switching from a gas boiler to electric heaters.

As electric heaters do not require any maintenance, you will save money each year by not having to service your heating system.

With a gas boiler, or any boiler in fact, you are meant to power flush your radiators every 5 years. This can be a costly task, and something some plumbers may try to avoid doing. By removing the boiler and radiators, you no longer need to power flush the system.

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