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Introducing the brand new Fischer Luxe. Combining style and technical innovation, the Fischer Luxe is the only stone-fronted radiator with a 40mm clay core.
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The Only Stone Radiator With a 40mm Clay Core

The Fischer Luxe not only looks fantastic but you also get the technical innovation that Fischer has become famous for.

Heat is generated from an element at the bottom of the radiator and passes through the perforated clay-core, enabling better heat distribution within the room.

The front stone of the radiator, Dekton-Luxe is non-porous and resistant to high temperatures. The stone is also scratch and abrasion resistant and maintains its colour, ensuring a longer product lifespan.

The Fischer Luxe also comes with the reassurance of a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty providing additional peace-of-mind.

  • Made in Germany
  • A modern, stone-fronted design
  • Exclusive wireless thermostat
  • Unique 40mm chamotte clay core
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty

Wireless Thermostat

Before choosing your room heater the real question to ask is: Where is the temperature of the room measured?

Heaters that have the control panel located on the side or top of the heater lack accuracy, which can result in reduced comfort. This is because the thermostat that regulates the room temperature is located at the warmest area of the room (right where the heat is released). This is an ineffective method of control.

For this reason, we supply a wireless thermostat that has a built-in room sensor. This allows you to position the thermostat in the coldest spot within the room, ensuring full heat distribution and total comfort. With the Fischer wireless thermostat you can stay in control of your room temperature. The thermostat can be programmed to work automatically, or set for manual use.


  • Full installation service
  • Wi-Fi options available

Electric Heating With Style

The Fischer Luxe is an ideal solution for homeowners who are looking to add style and efficiency to their homes. The heater is safe to be used in bathrooms and is suitable for all rooms around the house.

There is no other stone fronted heater in the UK that can boast a 40mm clay core and the heat retention it provides.

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