What Is the Best Electric Water Heating 2023?

Electric heating is becoming increasingly popular, with homeowners seeking alternatives to their outdated gas and oil boilers. However, when you remove a gas boiler and install electric radiators – how do you heat your water?

There are plenty of different options, all of which rely on electricity as their fuel source, making them cleaner than gas or oil alternatives.

But many people are asking, what is the best electric water heating in 2023?


What is electric water heating?

Electric water heating is any system that heats your water using electricity to power an element. Gas boilers rely on a burner, which is essentially a naked flame, which in turn heats water as it runs through your boiler. Electric water heating instead stores either heat or water to be used on demand.

Some “electric” water heating systems rely on air as their fuel source, working in a similar way to an air source heat pump but only providing hot water to your taps, showers and baths. These systems usually have an electric heating element built in as a backup, just in case the air temperature around the unit is too low.


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Why install electric water heating?

The UK Government have banned the installation of gas boilers in all new build properties from 2025, and are looking to ban gas boilers completely from the mid-2030’s. When you remove your existing gas boiler, you may be left with no way to heat your water, and an electric water heating system is a simple, efficient alternative.

There is also the fact that all electric heating elements are 100% efficient, converting all of the energy they consume in to heat. Even the best gas boilers are around 96-97% efficient, so straight away; an electric water heating system is more efficient than gas.

In addition, electricity is a cleaner fuel, especially when it is generated by renewable technologies, meaning you can reduce your carbon footprint in an instant, just by installing an electric water heating system.


Efficient electric water heaters

What is the best electric water heating in 2023?

As well as the old-fashioned hot water cylinders that simply heat water and store it in a large tank, there are plenty of other options available, all with their own unique benefits.

One efficient replacement for your existing hot water system is Aquafficient. Aquafficient is an innovative, modern and highly efficient solution to heating water. This instant electric water heater from Fischer uses a single heating element and patented thermal storage technology, to provide instant hot water without the need for tanks. Instead, the hot water is produced from stored heat energy within a unique phase change material.

Aquafficient requires zero servicing and maintenance, comes with a 10-year warranty and is half the height of the equivalent cylinder on average, reclaiming valuable space in your home.

Also with no controls to worry about, Aquafficient is simply fit and forget.

If Aquafficient isn’t the product for you, Aquafficient Eco+ is another great alternative. Aquafficient Eco+ is an air source water heater, designed to provide hot water to your home quickly and efficiently. Using air as its main energy source; the Aquafficient Eco+ is an efficient and renewable energy product that provides heated water without excessive energy needs or bulky water tanks.

Aquafficient Eco+ doesn’t require a yearly service either, and has a visible temperature monitor on the front of the unit.

For many people, switching from a gas boiler to an electric boiler is the natural progression, and Fischer Electric Duo Boilers offer hot water on demand without the need for any external tanks or cylinders. Also with a 10-year warranty and a wireless thermostat to control your heating, Fischer Electric Boilers are a modern, cleaner alternative to the gas and oil boilers of the past.

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